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VRPhysio™ Home

Home physical therapy. Enables physical therapists to monitor
patients remotely, ensuring proper exercise execution.


Release date: Q1 2018

VRPhysio™ Home helps patients at home recover from, and prevent various skeletomuscular injuries through a virtual environment where they are instructed to carry out various physical therapy workouts.

This enables better monitoring of patient progress and wellness while ensuring that exercises are performed correctly.

VRPhysio™ Home Edition is the first solution on the market that uses immersive VR technology to aid both the recovery from and the prevention of a variety of skeletomuscular injuries. Using VR hardware together with VRPhysio™ software, patients are “transported” into a virtual world where they are instructed to carry out varied physical therapy exercises. While performing enjoyable and immersive tasks, such as playing a game or watching a movie, patients are monitored by a physical therapist via our Tele-rehabilitation platform.